Logan Coach is one of the largest companies in the U.S. that specialize in the production of custom trailers. After 30 years in business, the company has a wide network of dealerships and reputation of a reliable producer of unique mobile homes.


Our solution was a convenient custom website for customer relations that allows managing trailer production. We reorganized data processing and implemented new business algorithms for a faster client service and more efficient production management


Getting closer

Quick order configuration system with integrated customer database

New get-up

New corporative web site with clear and intuitive structure


Efficient trailer, issue and invoice configuration algorithm


  • Angular
  • bootstrap
  • sql server
  • intuit quickbooks
  • qulp
  • JS


Designed and developed a convenient website. Set up back office system, so any dealer or employee of Logan Сoach can easily configure a trailer, issue or invoice and send an order to production. After release and implementation, we actively finalized the system and are still implementing a new functionality now.



2 Full Stack Developer



May 2016 - Oct 2018


JET Tech has been a great resource and addition for us at Logan Coach Trailers. We have designed and implemented a new program for how our product is ordered. These past couple of years have been a great experience for us. The programmers and developers were very thorough and provided us with their top-notch knowledge of user systems. Management was always willing to step in and assist where ever necessary, and really helped the process flow smoothly – even in emergencies. Our company is all the better off because of our working relationship with JET Tech. We can’t thank them enough for revolutionizing our manufacturing process.

Ky Austin

Ky Austin

Project Manager

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