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Nerium CMS

Nerium CMS

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Exigo Odata, JavaScript, jQuery, Entity Framework, knockout, Specflow, Exigo Custom OData API, Razor Single File Generator for MVC, , ImageResizer, T4MVC, Ninject, NUnit, Selenium

Nerium CMS — represents a set of separate self-sufficient modules, that helps client to manage the contents of the sites organize the business more efficiently. Nerium CMS project includes the following sub-projects developed in a various technologies.

Business Resources and Assets to organize and manage easily their resources including business documentation and other files in different formats — Video Management to upload video files to the external CDN (limelight), edit information about these files and play on the client’s sites — Banners and Sliders to place banners to any page of the client’s sites and hold advertising campaigns. — Users and Roles to set various permissions for Nerium’s sites admins and moderators.

Admin panels of all Nerium projects were integrated into this CMS. About 1000 integration and unit tests supply system operation security and reliability. The project turned out to be a practicable and productive experience for the team.

RBC Life Sciences

rbc life

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 3

A company specializing in dietary supplements of new generation. Since the 80′s, the team of scientists has been engaged in research in the sphere of human aging and has made great progress in it. Due to this, the company’s products are in demand in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Our specialists have developed the corporate website for this company, online stores in several regions, have made integration of payment systems, goods delivery system with the internal IT-infrastructure of the company. A lot of work has been done to make the work of the consultants comfortable with the system, as well as to cater for the needs of marketing department and top management. Our developers have been working on the project for several years.


Host for web

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 3

A dynamically developing company which provides a wide range of hosting services: from simple shared-hosting to cloud hosting. The company has been actively developing since the beginning of 2001, and has achieved great success on the market: so now tens of thousands of clients all over the world use its services, and the clients and partners networks are constantly growing.

The developers worked hard for more than a year to develop a specialized site for provision of services on the cloud hosting platform. Besides, maintenance of the internal infrastructure is constantly being provided: integration of the billing system, accounting of resources system, user’s and administrator’s private account/office. In the process of development our specialists have gained experience with such systems such as WHMCS and Ubersmith.


Host for web

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC 3

An online clothing store in Europe. The internet portal offers customers a wide range of clothes: from children’s clothing to accessories of premium class. There are several dozens of brands in the list of catalogs for order and the flow of purchases is constantly growing. Apart from a wide range of products, that is automatically updated, a visitor can find on the site pleasant surprises, including discounts and sales.

Web developers created the store by binding of DotNetNuke and NB_Store. These technologies allow to create a portal of the high quality in a reasonable period of time. The portal is updated automatically; it allows to sell different varieties of goods at different prices, categorize goods according to their attributes, images, and publish reviews of other customers.



Technologies:ASP.NET MVC 3, Entity Framework, Nopcommerce 2.8, GIT, jQuery

A small Canadian company specializing in producing of printed matter. Client’s business was at the early stage of developing and he wanted it to get more prosperity and popularity.

To sell the products online the customer needed an appropriate Ecommerce solution. AIS Novations took the project to build it basing on the NopCommerce platform.

This was one of the most interesting and challenging projects. A plenty of custom modules were developed within NopCommerce CMS to apply client’s needs and specific requirements, including integration with delivery services, adding quotes for the jobs produced, requests for reprint and many others.

Nerium Event Center


Technologies: ASP.NET MVC3, Exigo OData API, jQuery, NUnit, Specflow, Selenium

Event System – was planned as a module for users to create and look for company events in the nearby area. The AIS Novations team using ASP.NET MVC3 technology has managed to complete the task successfully.

The application was designed to create events (single or recurring), that are held and hosted by the company affiliates. All authorized users can create an event, that will be then displayed on the calendar after admin’s approval. The module includes few additonal features, such as sharing of events in Facebook and Twitter, RSVP, GoogleMaps widget to display an exact location of event and to find an optimal route to it. Multifunctional admin panel helps to manage all the events in a handy way.

Calendar to monitor the schedule of events to be held, designed in different layouts, such as monthly, weekly, daily view and custom layout for user’s events was a significant part of the project performed.

Nerium Sponsor Tree

Nerium Sponsor Tree

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, Exigo Odata, JavaScript, jQuery, Canvas

Sponsor tree — was implied by a client to be a module to display his Multilevel Marketing company structure and hierarchy, that is available only after authorization on the site. The Sponsor Tree module should have helped to improve the efficiency of product distribution and selling.

Sponsor Tree represents multilevel network of the product sellers and distributors with all the dependences and relations between them. Using various search filters makes it rather convenient to find the position of a participant, which is displayed as a node of a certain color indicating the member’s status. Hovering on a node calls a pop-up, displaying all the statistical data about the member and his referrals.

Using ASP.NET and JavaScript technology the specialists, dedicated to this project, managed to implement all the necessary functions from scratch.

90 Days Contest

Nerium 90 Day Contest

Technologies: ASP.NET MVC3, Entity Framework, jQuery, NUnit, Specflow, Selenium

90 Days Сontest — is an important part of the Nerium marketing campaign as it allows to see the results of people after using the product of the company and inspire other consumers for greater achievements.

The 90 day gallery module allows users upload their 3 photos (before using the cream, and two – after using it in different time periods), they have the possibility to write their comments and description to each photo, their story and fill in short questionnaire. Site admin can check all this and approve, disapprove or cancel consumer’s participating in the contest or particular photo and text.

Admin panel makes possible to manage the contests easily with a help of drag’n’drop feature and provides different options to order contestant’s entries. Admins and moderators can also assign contest winners and create specific pages for them.



Technologies: HTML, CSS, jQuery

Yarmarka.biz — is an online newspaper of free public advertisements. You can find advertisements in various spheres: transport, jobs, real estate, business, services, education, sport, leisure time and many others. A user have to register to place an ad on the portal.

The client addressed dedicated team of front-end developers to perform HTML/CSS coding for this project. Our specialists using up to date technologies such as HTML5, CSS2 created a responsive layout of the main site section, that made it possible to use the site on mobile phones and tablets.

There are sliders, tabs, drop-downs, pop-ups, slider that scrolls tabs, non-standard selects with and without search, multiple selects with included checkboxes, walking menu and kit. They also completed the integration with Yandex Maps.

Google Maps and Add Rooms


Technologies: jQuery, Backbone, RequireJS, Google Maps API, ASP.NET MVC3, Entity Framework, NUnit

Google Maps and Add rooms. WhyGo — is a web service that helps its clients to rent and lease on a hourly basis a real estate, especially rooms and apartments for conferences and business meetings, all over the world.

Our tasks were: — to implement a map widget with custom markers (bubbles) numbered on the basis of selection in the list of results, while searching for rooms to rent — and develop 3-step registration for adding new rooms.

The work implied a profound knowledge of JS, GoogleMaps API, Entity Framework and NUnit. As a result the client has a handy, visual and instinctive tool for their customers to find the necessary premises based on different parameters and reliable and convenient service for registration of various types of apartments to lease for the room owners.

Booking room


Technologies: jQuery, Backbone, RequireJS

Booking room. Slider. The AIS Novations developers have faced with the task to simplify the process of room renting for WhyGo’s customers. During thorough envisioning the team decided to implement a custom slider to define the time period versus initial approach, that assumed to have a table for this purpose.

The developed slider helps client’s customers to choose time to rent the room within the interval of 36 hours. There are 2 markers to choose time range, 3 slider types for 1-hour/8-hours/full day time gap.

Hints and automatic filling of data during the process of working with slider speed up the process of renting an apartment.



Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, Sphinx

TapAnyApp — is a web service where a great diversity of Android applications and games are presented.

The developers have built a web resource for viewing, searching and downloading of various mobile software, including games and business applications, grouped in the categories.

A full text search system based on Sphinx was implemented to simplify user experience. Advanced Search on the basis of various parameters and wishlist for desired applications are also available for site users. Also site visitors can look through or add their own reviews about Android apps they have worked or played with.