What makes JET stand out from the crowd?

Hand-picked professionals with passion & drive to be the best


we really love what we doand we are very good at it!

JET Technical

A leading software company specializing in design and development of web-based solutions. The main area of our expertise is the development of competitive software products and creation of dedicated teams for various long-term projects.

Our philosiphy

We base our success on client relations and the longivity of these associations. The only way we see this being accomplished is by offering high quality services for fair wages. Our wages are not based on what is available "in the area" and neither are they cut-rate. They are based on the individual's skill level, type of work expected, length of contract, and the average in the nation.

Change in demand and supply is inevitable. When that change happens we want to have met or exceeded our customer's expectations to the point that viewing us as a temporary means to an end is not even a thought.


•Developers, project managers and other IT professionals that have been selected and trained to work together. Although we do not offer on-site support, our teams do work together in an office which allows us to utilize each other's expertise.

We are NOT

We are not an out-sourcing agency or IT staffing company. We don't find unknown candidates and hope they work out. We value logn-term relationships and recognize this can only be acheived by offering the highest level of service.

A unique approach and goal

Our Selection and Training Process is quite strenuous. Applicants are tested for their skill levels. Successful applicants are then sent through a training program to ensure that their practices match our requirements. Once training is completed the developers are paired with a senior developer partner. By following this business model we can be confident that the highest level of quality will be maintained.

Agile development teams are formed to maximize on each other's areas of expertise and interests. We have literally thousands of man hours of working together. The development process is comprised of many specific areas and our groups are organized based on the strengths of each member taking into consideration not only their ability level but also their areas of expertise. Each team has senior team leads who work as technical project managers.

On-demand flexibility. We have the ability to expand and contract development teams as demands change. We understand that a business's need for team sized will fluctuate based on many factores such as the development cycle, economic climate, and growth. To address this we have created a business model that takes the challenge of changes to team sizes into consideration. JET's developers are assigned or reassigned based on demand. A senior project manager is assigned at the beginning of the project. They monitor these needs throughout the development life cycle in order to anticipate the team size needs and the area of expertise required. This approach allows maximizes team strengths while time minimizing the disruption and cost that often acompanies these inevitable shifts in demand.

Long term support. Our team members are long term providers we don't just go away after a project has gone to production. We remain available to support and assist with future needs and offer flexible support packages to provide stability

Our story

2003 JET Technical began as a software development company writing applications for hand-held devices such as the Palm Pilot.

2006-2012 JET Technical began contracting out their services to companies requiring custom software to run their businesses. Along the way other incredibly talented software engineers working as joined with JET Technical. Many of these programmers are still with us today.

2012 JET Technical began a highly successful partnership with AIS Novations. We have thousands of hours working together and have fine-tuned our processes.

And now , five years later our two companies have joined together as 'sister companies' to bring on board over 100 highly qualified individuals.